Dev Blog #38 – Controller Support and Updates to Lake Ridden

By 2018-06-18Lake Ridden

Hello all! It’s hard to belive Lake Ridden was released just 5 weeks ago! It feels like so much has happened since the game hit the stores. We’ve been updating the game constantly, to fix bugs, improve and include things we felt needed to be added. A huge thanks to all players who’ve offered their support and feedback <3 To conclude, here’s some of the improvement we added since release:

  • Controller support now implemented! Xbox and PS4!
  • Hand-drawn map implemented. You can now find a map to help you navigate the Estate and area around it!
  • Better contrast and tweaking of fog to help visibility and orientation.
  • Increased framerate
  • Changing resolution in the game would be unreliable on some PCs
  • Minor tweaks to hints and objectives
  • V-sync should now be properly set on startup
  • It is now easier to rebind shift and ctrl for other functions
  • Gate rotation puzzles now work better with low-resolution textures
  • Keyholes added to doors that were missing them (!)
  • Lights would pop in and out in certain places around the game
  • The player could get stuck in drawers
  • Added new frame smoothing for mouse input
  • Text tweaks to increase readability
  • Misc bugs located and smashed

We’re super happy the game has a “Very Positive” rating on Steam! To stay up to date with all news regarding Lake Ridden make sure to check out our Steam page!

Sara & The Midnight Hub Team