Updates To Lake Ridden Live!

By 2018-11-21Lake Ridden

Hi all! So we have rolled out a new update to Lake Ridden for you! In case you haven’t noticed we have kept a steady stream of patches and improvements coming since release, to make the game even better to play. Here are some of the things we adjusted and fixed:

  • Controller support (Xbox- and PS4-controllers verified working)
  • Big improvement on performance in low and medium graphics presets for nights (could result in 20 fps higher on some devices)
  • Improved fog visibility around the village
  • Added a map of the village area
  • Increased contrast on some screens, especially at night
  • Improved performance when moving between zones in the game
  • Improved saving/loading for Island puzzles
  • Improved performance and reliability of saves
  • Added new frame smoothing for mouse input
  • The camera would turn wildly during scene loads
  • Changing resolution in the game would be unreliable on some PCs
  • Minor tweaks to hints and objectives
  • Lights would pop in and out in certain places around the game
  • Minor texture tweaks and small game play improvements

A lot of these were bugs reported by our dear players, so just keep them coming! You can always reach us at support@midnighthub.com. We’ll hopefully have more exciting updates on the game and company in a near future. Right now we’re happy to share with you that us founders have the opportunity to work with Lake Ridden and Midnight Hub as a side project while we work day-time on other much bigger game development studios. Stay tuned!