Huge Lake Ridden Anniversary Sale

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Hello friends, We’re super happy Lake Ridden has already been out for one year! It has been absolutely amazing to hear all of your feedback, to see people play it online and to be part of this journey so far. At times it has been a bumpy ride, but we’re still here. We’re thrilled so…

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Updates To Lake Ridden Live!

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Hi all! So we have rolled out a new update to Lake Ridden for you! In case you haven’t noticed we have kept a steady stream of patches and improvements coming since release, to make the game even better to play. Here are some of the things we adjusted and fixed: Controller support (Xbox- and…

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Having To Let Everyone Go

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Hi all, welcome back after this summer break! Unfortunately we have some sad news to share with you all. We have been forced to let everyone go, also the founders of the studio. This is of course very, very sad. The game will be up on Steam and the support service will be active, and technically…

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Dev Blog #36 – Lake Ridden Reviews

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Hello, it’s Sara here! I’m the producer and CEO of Midnight Hub. I’m writing this week’s blog post in a bit more personal way than usual. The reason for this is that I’m so extremely proud of the work everyone in the studio has invested into Lake Ridden, during the last 2-3 years. It’s now one week…

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