Midnight Hub is a Swedish indie game studio, located in the hipster city of Malmö, Sweden. In May of 2018 we released our first  title together; the first-person mystery puzzle Lake Ridden. The team consists today of the three founders: Sara, Erik and Johan and is run as a side business to our normal day jobs on other development studios.

The Midnight Hub from left to right in early 2018: Sara (CEO and producer), Johan (creative director, code and design), Malin (code and design), Erik (art director) and Anton (art).

The studio was founded in late 2015 by three experienced game developers: Erik Nilsson, Johan Bernhardsson and Sara Casen. Prior to working at Midnight Hub we have been working at Mojang, Paradox, Tarsier Studios and Massive. We were selected to enter the Minc Incubator i Malmö 2016 as the first game company in 6 years!

The full team doing research out in the woods! One of the things inspiring us is nature and biology!

When founding Midnight Hub we based the foundation of the company on the values and strengths of the team. We believe that a great company starts with an awesome team. We don’t want the game to be the idea of one single team member, we want the team to own the idea together.

Founders: Johan Bernhardsson, Sara Casén and Erik Nilsson

At Midnight Hub we want to develop games in a sustainable way, to make games without crunch or soul-killing overtime. We’ve managed to cut down from 40h/week to 34h/week producing the same results! We’re always on a quest to work smarter, not harder.

In 2017 we were finalists in the business awards of Malmö City!

We strive to craft experiences that grow with the player, that stays with them long after the game itself is finished. We aim to make games with complex characters and deep narrative elements paired up with immersive gameplay.

Sara Casen

Sara Casen

Producer and Studio Manager

Sara is the closest thing we have to a CEO. Her job is making sure that the rest of us stays on track and talking with our community. She likes to do dangerous stuff like windsurfing or eating liquorice.

Johan Bernhardsson

Johan Bernhardsson

Creative Director and CTO

Johan is in charge of our story and game design. A master of optimizing not only his workflow but his life as well. Demands his post-its in purple.

Erik Nilsson

Erik Nilsson

Art Director

Erik draws amazing stuff, builds things in 3D and makes them come alive in Maya. When he is not having a blast in Destiny he likes to research cool dinosaurs!

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