Lake Ridden

Lake Ridden is a story driven first-person horror game, set against a Scandinavian backdrop. It will be released for PC 2017.

When a girl is on a hike with her friends, her sister suddenly vanishes. While searching for her, she encounters an old, abandoned house. To survive, and ultimately save her sister, she must piece together the dark secret of the nearby town by finding clues, solving puzzles and interacting with former residents. But there are shadows out in the darkness. She’ll have to uncover an old conflict driven by envy, madness and hate.

At Midnight Hub we want to create a different kind of horror experience, something that evokes a creepy atmosphere without relying on the usual use of blood and gore. We want to offer an intriguing story woven together with interesting gameplay. We truly believe Lake Ridden will be the perfect opportunity to explore themes such as fear, ignorance and how far our main character, Marie, is willing to go to save her sister.

Midnight Hub is a small indie studio located in Malmö, the South of Sweden. It was founded in 2015 by experienced developers who previously worked at Mojang, Paradox and Massive. Read more about the team here or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We share news about the development here on our blog almost weekly!

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