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Midnight Hub AB
Malmö, Sweden

December 2015


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Midnight Hub

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Midnight Hub was formed in 2015, by Johan Bernhardsson, Erik Nilsson and Sara Casén. Before forming Midnight Hub the founders have worked at game companies such as Mojang, Paradox and Tarsier. The studio is currently a crew of three. The first game released by the studio was Lake Ridden for PC and Mac, on May the 10th 2018. Lake Ridden was later ported by Midnight Hub and released to Xbox One in January 2020.

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Midnight Hub

Johan Bernhardsson
Creative Director & CTO

Sara Casén
Producer & CEO

Erik Nilsson
Art Director

Previously on Midnight Hub:

Anton Sander
Game Artist

Malin Sandgren
Game Developer

Helping us with Lake Ridden

Malin Håkansson
Voice actress

Patrik Jarlestam
Sound and music director

Henrik Johansson
Graphic design