Dev Blog #29 – Puzzles in Lake Ridden

By 2018-02-01Dev Blog, Lake Ridden

What’s up, everybody? Our deadlines are approaching and the game both looks and feels better each day! This week we also got invited to His Royal Highness Prince Daniel of Sweden’s day for promising young entrepreneurs, which was both unexpecting and very flattering! Around 100 entrepreneurs are chosen each year to participate. This is extra cool since we meet with the Swedish King just a month ago.

The puzzles in Lake Ridden will be of many different kinds. Still work in progress!


It’s difficult to show puzzles in a game without spoiling the solution. We always try to be as spoiler-free as possible here on the blog!


The art team has worked hard to make the lights and moods of the old Estate to feel cozy, not scary!

We still haven’t decided if we should go to GDC in San Francisco this year, but we’ll probably go, since we would love to show the game to some journalists and get some final feedback from other developers.

Sara & The Lake Ridden Team