Dev Blog #23 – Deciding Between Exhibiting At Gamescom Or EGX

By 2017-07-07Dev Blog

Yo guys, what’s up? It’s time for us to head out on a well-deserved vacation, but before we go, I want to share some awesome news with you! The game is coming along fine, and during the last weeks, we’ve started preparations for…exhibiting Lake Ridden live at the EGX expo in Birmingham this September!! This event has over 75 000 visitors that are looking to play cool games, test new titles and chat with developers! It’s a pure consumer event filled with games, gamers and journalists! We’ll have our own play area where you can try parts of Lake Ridden hands on! So don’t hesitate to drop by and give us your feedback if you’re heading to EGX after the summer!

BEFORE. Part of the Garden before we started to rip apart all the lights and shadows. Looks kinda dull and bland, right?

AFTER. The art team is hard at work on the fog, moonlight, and effects at the moment. We have been fighting a lot with the colors and the lights in the game, but I feel like we’re finally getting to where things are starting to look good. It’s work in progress, but progress nonetheless!

We struggled to decide if we should go to Gamescom in Köln OR EGX in the UK. Our goal is to meet as many gamers as possible, and in the end, EGX made more sense to attend. We know that Gamescom is a much bigger event overall with over 350 000 unique visitors, but according to their own statistics, only 4% of the visitors are from the UK, with most of the gamers coming for Germany and Holland. Compare that to around 90% of the visitors hailing from the UK at the EGX. With Lake Ridden our primary market is North American and UK, and all our current voice acting is in English. So we weighted 4% English speakers of 350 000 Gamescom visitors, which is something like 14 000 people, against 70 000 at EGX. If we want to connect with as many potential English speaking players as possible EGX definitely makes more sense to us! Our secondary market is Europe, and to distribute the game in countries like Germany, France, and Spain we’ll most likely have to translate the voice acting to their native language. Attending Gamescom without even having German subtitles would probably be a waste of time since Germany is one of those countries where you absolutely need to localize games and movies to reach your audience. That being said we really want to release the game worldwide when it hits the stores next year, and hopefully translate the game for the European markets as well.

EGX will be the first time we invite gamers and the public to play and test the game, which is super exciting! We’ve previously only shown the game to other developers and journalists. So if you’re heading to EGX, please swing by and try the game! And we have a nice surprise coming for all the journalists as well, but more on that in August.

We attended the Bornholm Game Days last week, together with other studio executives and CEOs, to discuss the state of the Nordic games industry and network. The event was sponsored by Nordisk Film Games and situated on the beautiful island of Bornholm, just outside Denmark.

Apart from working on the game, we’ve attended the Bornholm Game Days with other studio executives and CEOs, to discuss the state of Nordic game development and share insights. The event was sponsored by Nordisk Film Games. Bornholm is such a beautiful island between Sweden and Denmark, absolutely lovely! Hopefully, these Game Days become a recurring event!

We hope you have a great summer, talk to you again in August!
– Sara & The Team