Pre-Production is DONE!

Quick question: how many post-its does it take to finish up the pre-production for a new indie game? Well, a lot, as it turns out! At the core of all game development projects you can be sure to find a)tons of post-its and b)huge quantities of coffee (or tea). Team Midnight Hub definitely runs on post-its and tea.

After 2,5 months we wrapped up the pre-production of the game this week. This pretty much means that we have figured out all the basics of the game and we have the pipelines set. The team has learned how to communicate, we have decided on the art style and all technical stuff is up and running. We are fairy sure in what direction the game will go, and what is the overall grand vision to get there. Of course things are going to change, as they always do when you make a game, but we have all the big pieces figured out. Usually your idea of the game and the finished experience differ quite a lot, and this will be no exception. The creative process is always a bit unpredictable, that’s why we love it!

– Sara